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Advanced Micreaux Infusion

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Our Advanced Micreaux Infusion course explores all science back evidence related to all forms of collagen induction therapy including, exploring a theoretical understanding of the science of Microneedling, The history, advancements, case studies, and reports to Nano Infusion and our specifically branded Micreaux Infusion which is a noninvasive version of Micreaux Collagen Induction Therapy. This class comes with a kit including the device and Micreaux Serum. Black & Dark Grey Newest design and technology tested and certified as an aesthetic beauty device in 2022.

Our device has Anti-Flow Micreaux Infusion and Exfoliating Cartridges

to prevent any bodily oils, or serum during treatment from penetrating into the pen, then protect clients from potential cross-contamination.

Digital LED speed display, five settings, and depth control with exterior adjustment.

Our device is not medical grade and needle-free. With this treatment, you will Facilitate exfoliation of the skin (that is, disruption or removal of the stratum corneum)

Improve the appearance of skin

Give skin a smoother look and feel

Give skin a luminous look

Demo & Practical Application


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Advanced Microneedling

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